Research and find an alternative/opposing point of view to Climate Change as proposed in the Introduction.

Chalmers University of Technology has established a strong connection between climate change denial to right-wing nationalism in order to understand why climate change is not being taken seriously, to see its influence on political decisions, and bring awareness to the public on this matter. Many right-wing nationalist parties located in Europe list climate change denial as an important issue and dismiss the Paris Agreement and climate laws; they even praise climate change denier Václav Klaus as a hero and also mention the Trump admin as one their examples. CEFORCED  will be established, a platform for research in climate change denialism, where many disciplines of science are linked together to understand ways climate change denialism arises and spreads in different cultures.


Under Learning Objectives on page 248, find #6 and choose two (2) questions to answer. Be sure to list your questions in your post.

What obligations do we have to future generations?

To future generations I feel as though everyone has the obligation to leave the world better than they found it. Of course that is better said than done and it takes a lot for anything change in the world, but that doesn’t mean you have to do nothing. I believe even the little things you can do to make a difference can build up considering the millions of us that live on this world. Although change is ways from now, the fight for change is still going and it’s more important now than even during the climate crisis the Earth is going through.

Does nature have value in itself?

I think nature has value in itself, because it’s an environment that can sustain itself.. Of course we humans ultimately have had an impact on that, so the Earth natural environment appears to be dying along with animals in their natural habitat as the days past. We do give it even more value, because we get our resources from nature, but nature by itself has its own priceless value.


Lastly, as you read through Chapter 7, answer this question: Who should pay the cost for protecting the environment — those responsible for causing the pollution or those who stand to benefit from protection and restoration. Explain your position.

I think those who carry the most responsibility in causing the pollution and increasing climate change should be paying a large portion of the cost for protecting the environment. That doesn’t mean others can’t contribute in helping pay for protecting the environment even more, I believe it’s a shared responsibility of the world to protect the environment, but those who has caused increased climate change should pay the most.





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Sydney Avise


Good Morning! While trying to find research against climate change I did struggle. I found your post to be interesting because I didn’t know they linked the denial of climate change with right-wing nationalist party’s. As I was reading through comments I noticed other class mates answered the question about whose responsibility it is to pay for the cost of protecting the environment differently then I did. However it seems you and I share the same view. I said in my post that i think the large corporations and organizations who are causing climate change should pay for the cost of protecting the environment. I think people who don’t cause a large harm to the environment shouldn’t be required to pay. In my post i used the example of the BP oil company when there was an explosion on deep water horizon and oil was leaking into the ocean for months. Company’s like BP oil should be responsible for the cost of protecting the environment.