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What environmental responsibilities do we have to the rest of the world?
There are plenty of responsibilities that we have to keep our planet thriving. We need to start recycling more, finding alternative sources of fuel, and continue to minimize the amount of gasses we’re releasing into the atmosphere. We have a responsibility not only to our community, but to the rest of the world. It takes more than one person, everyone has to help make a change.

What obligations do we have to future generations?
We have an obligation to put in the work, to research and innovate new and creative ways to make the Earth a healthier and safer place to live. Using an old adage, we need to leave this place better than we found it. With the technology that we have and the brilliant minds of our generation, we can do just that.

I believe that everybody is responsible for cleaning up the Earth. Not just the people that have polluted it. I think that everybody has something to gain from doing so. A cleaner and healthier place to live, for us and for the generations to come.

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I agree that we do have obligations to our future generations and that everyone is responsible for both the polluting and cleaning of the Earth. The only thing about this whether or not people are willing or compelled to do the things needed to help the planet. However, even a few people can make a pretty big impact. If we pass the habit of keeping the planet clean to our future generation just by them watching us then not only are we keeping the Earth cleaner for them but we are teaching them to do the same for their future generation. That I believe would be the most ideal outcome. Thank you for your post and letting me spew my thoughts on basically the same thing you were writing about to you.



I agree with you that something must be done about helping the environment and that everyone should help within doing so, although, who do you think must be paying for it?
It made me think of how throughout the U.S. you can be fined for littering and the fine can vary depending location like at a public park or at a national state park. But if a company can profit from polluting while still paying the pollution fines, it makes me wonder if theres another way to solve the problem.



I too took the stance that we bear a large responsibility for actions that impact the environmental quality of not only ourselves but for those around the world. As the world’s leading superpower it is entirely within our capability to show how investing in and improving green technologies can be a successful part of the solution for the issues we face today.
Granted, we should not be solely responsible, but we do bear a larger burden than most due to a variety of reasons such as our capabilities with technology, our ability to invest financially in infrastructure and equipment, our usage in terms of per capita ratios, etc.
The world looks to us as a leader in many ways, this is our opportunity to use our image as a driving force that can unite all people on a mission for change.



Hi there,
Great post. I agree that the responsibility of keeping our planet clean of pollutants and litter. I still don’t understand why more has not been done to be more proactive about this enormous issue, but little steps are better than none at all. I hope the best for our future and for all the other creatures on this planet that we co-inhabit with.