M7 (Clark)

Research and find an alternative/opposing point of view to Climate Change as proposed in the Introduction.

Found a really good article written by Arthur Weinstein outlining alternative and opposing views on climate change.   In his article he wrote about 5 different opinions.   One viewpoint was remedies may hurt more than rising temperatures.   In efforts to fix the problem we could very easily do more harm to the environment.   Another issue discussed was action must be taken, but U.S. shouldn’t bear the burden.   This a global problem.   It will take global effort to reduce, or eliminate environmental issues.   There are those who also argue that computer models may not be right in regards to climate change.   Furthermore, they argue the earth’s climate normally change in time 1.

1 https://listosaur.com/politics/5-opposing-viewpoints-on-climate-change


What environmental responsibilities do we have to the rest of the world?

We’ve the responsibility to clean up our own self-made mess.   We include factories, governments, nations, as a whole, on a global scale.   That doesn’t mean just a few countries pitch in to try to make environmental change.   It means the world comes together.   Unrealistic?   There’s a place where every nation in the world meets, the United Nations.   If we can get every nation in the world to sit in the same room, how unrealistic can it be?


What obligations do we have to future generations?

Our obligations to future generations are pretty clear.   If we do nothing, generations to come may inherit a barren rock, no natural resources left, a new Mars.   We’re already late to the game.   We needed to start making changes a long time ago.   Many are now starting to look to the future asking “is this really what I want to leave to my children, to their children, maybe their children’s children?   Hopefully it’s not too late to repair the damage so as our future generations can enjoy what we’ve exploited.

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I did enjoy your five points about the opposing views on climate change and agree that it is not up to the United States solely to correct the issues. I will say that though countries all met on the world stage it does not mean that any legislation or treaties will be honored and upheld in each country.



I see the arguments that the global temperature is only rising a few degrees per decade and the earth is already warming a lot. What people who encourage and believe the agreements posted in the article you listed is how big an impact 1 degree really is. With every increase in degree that is that much more ice gone or another forest fire started. And the rate at which the temperature is increasing has never happens before in earths history since whats happening in a decade used to take thousands of years.