M9 – Swedberg

One thing that I have experienced is that when people have a supervisor that is willing to discuss the job with them, the workers are more willing to ask questions and comment on different parts of the job. In past jobs, this has allowed me to have a better understanding of the bigger picture. One such job involved digging trenches between two poles. Because of the interactions I had with the supervisor, I knew that the trenches were being dug to help replace the ground system for a radio tower. As a result, digging the trenches did not seem like busy work and it allowed me to learn about things that are involved in replacing a radio tower.

One supervisor who inspires and motivates me is the one that I worked under when I helped out with a children’s program. Our job was to provide snacks to the children. Through this job, she taught me that is important to respect everyone’s opinion. My supervisor would asked me about my opinion involving the size of the snack and about future snack ideas. While children preferred sugary snacks like cookies, the teachers preferred snacks like pretzels. In order to try to satisfy both preferences, my supervisor would arrange a sugary snack one week and a healthier snack the following week. As a result, she inspired me to ask others for their opinions and then respect those opinions.

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Being able to ask question and learn from your supervisor is a great benefit to both parties. The world runs on learning from other people. Having a job where you are able to get the big picture, rather than just a specific task, really helps everyone in the long run. At times, I have been nervous to ask a supervisor something, because I was afraid that the question may be stupid. However, the supervisor was always happy to answer my question and give me additional information. I have found that people like to share their knowledge and I hope to do that someday when I gain experience of my own.

I too enjoy supervisors who ask for my opinion and respect my ideas. My ideas may not always be the best as I may not understand the entire business process. However, it’s okay to be wrong and gives you a chance to correct your mistakes before they really matter. These projects break up the day to day grind and push my creativity levels. These are the opportunities to make an impact and make a difference.



Hi there. I agree, being aware as to why a job is being done can help motivate in doing the job instead of being unaware and feeling that the work you’re doing is pointless. Communication is important in the work place and it is what maintains good teamwork/ job satisfaction. I’m glad you had a good experience with a supervisor! Not everyone is so lucky.