M9 (Bohan)

After reviewing the Hawthorne Studies video, for this week’s Class Discussion, what, if any, has been your experience with the Hawthorne effect on a job?   Answer this question and then choose one of the following to answer:

I do notice that I am more productive when my supervisors are around and are monitoring my work. My supervisor does a great job of motivating everyone at work and keeping the mood positive. That is why I have been at my current position for almost 4 years.

1) Describe a supervisor who inspired and motivated you — what were their characteristics or actions that made such a positive impact?

The supervisors I have had in the past that were the most motivating were very friendly, funny, and helpful. I felt like they cared about me and every worker as a person instead of looking at us as if we were slaves to the job. My current supervisor has been incredibly flexible with my school schedule and ensures I am consistently scheduled, even though I am not guarenteed hours as a PRN technician. Her willingness to work with me over the years has motivated me to work hard while at work and to stay employed there up until moving next year. I know I can rely on her to schedule me so that I stay financially supported.

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I really do think when mangers treat people with respect and understanding they are more likely to stay motivated. I have definitely been on both ends of the spectrum with managers that are either understanding or parsimonious and I always find that I do a better job if its the former.