After reviewing the Hawthorne Studies video, for this week’s Class Discussion, what, if any, has been your experience with the Hawthorne effect on a job?

I can’t say I’ve experienced the Hawthorne effect within a job setting because the work I get paid for is not supervised. However, I have definitely experienced the Hawthorne effect in the realm of sports. At the start of preseason for Men’s Basketball, we would have player-only open gyms because our head coach had not arrived into town yet. In these open gyms, I was not concerned in the slightest about my shot selection. Additionally, I would take it easy on defense for a couple plays here and there. However, once our new head coach came in I was very selective with my shots (making sure I was taking quality shots) and upped  my defense to an intensity no one could match. This behavior was encouraged by the fact that I knew our head coach was watching and I wanted to make sure I impressed him.

1) Describe a supervisor who inspired and motivated you — what were their characteristics or actions that made such a positive impact?

A supervisor who inspired and motivated me dates back to when I was in high school working as a busser at Amazing Jakes. James, the name of my supervisor, was one of the most upbeat and energetic individuals I have ever met. He never seemed to have a bad day and would make light out of any situation, no matter how bad it was. His ability to be so optimistic and encouraging regardless of the circumstance inspired me to be the same way, not only in the workplace but also in everyday life.




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I really like that you placed the Hawthorne Effect in something other than the working field. The Hawthorne Effect then can be used in anything that requires a group working together for a common goal. Thank you for that insightful connection. The supervisor that you were talking about sounds like a very inspirational person in your life and I think that is amazing when put into the working aspect. If a someone from work, manager or co-worker, can motivate a fellow worker to not only do well I work but to do well overall is wonderful. Thank you so much for the read.