what, if any, has been your experience with the Hawthorne effect on a job?

If at anytime, the job I am currently in is where I have experienced the Hawthorne effect. Not to long ago, a fellow co-worker was promoted to floor manager, which we all thought would be a great fit. We would have someone to oversee day to day operations at the brewery while our owner could focus on brewing beer, and keeping our list up to date with refreshing beverages. As soon as our co-worker became manager, a different style of work was put in place. Said co-worker began to micro manage our tasks daily, even down to how to wash dishes. Closing duties were never up to par, and our manager almost took on the attitude of hey, im better than all of you now, what I say is what goes. Long story short, we ended up having an employee meeting to discuss our new managers roll in our business, and how nobody enjoyed having this person as manager. About a month later, he was asked politely to step down, in which he took as quitting and getting a new job. Not to say that this was the best option, but everyone was happy about it HA!

1) Describe a supervisor who inspired and motivated you — what were their characteristics or actions that made such a positive impact? My first job at age 16, I was hired on at Kaladi Brothers Coffee in midtown Anchorage. As a first job, I was very nervous to grab the reigns of entering the job world and having that type of responsibility. My boss at the time did a wonderful job helping me feel wanted and comfortable in my workplace. She immediately took a liking to my work ethic, and signed me up for advanced classes to learn more about the industry. This was very inspiring as well as motivating seeing that this was my first job ever. Throughout the years, my boss was very flexible with school schedules, time off for vacation, and always made sure to let you know when you did a good job. Unlike my current or old I should say now manager at my current place of work, this manager did a great job of catering to employees.

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I feel I can connect with your Hawthorne Effect story. I work best when someone is not looking over my shoulder constantly during a job, and also when I’m not being told how to do things down to how you described your manager micromanaging everyone on how to wash dishes. Everyone has their own way of doing things, and if someone has their own method of how they like to get something done doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is doing it wrong. I can also agree with you that it is nice to have someone motivate you at work, just as you described how your supervisor signed you up for advanced classes.

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While it may not have been anyone’s wish for this person to be fired or quit, I see that move as indicative of true character. To me, it shows that they were out for themselves before the team and were not fully invested in the success of the company, which could only benefit them. Being asked to change roles does not have to be a negative experience, and if played right, can lead to a person bouncing back stronger and better prepared in the future. I hope your workplace has improved in quality of atmosphere as a result.