M9 (Hawks)

After watching the video on the Hawthorn Effect, I thought about all the jobs I have worked and realized that only one of those jobs truly had a ‘Hawthorne Effect’.

I have only ever worked in four different jobs. One of which I quit due to school and other schedule related issues, Two of them closed down (one for not enough revenue and one for remodeling) and One of which I currently work at now. Out of these four some have attempted something close to the Hawthorne Effect but either it didn’t work out for the business to do so or the company only did so, for lack of a better word, half-heartedly. The job that I am currently working at is probably the best example I have at the Hawthorne Effect. Once I got to the job and talked with the main manager of the place before and after hiring, I felt that the place was a lot different from my first three jobs before this. That alone instantly motivated me to do well at the job. When hired I was told that I had a break, PTO (Paid Time Off which was something I didn’t know existed before this job) and a chance to sign up for a healthcare plan. All of these things I have never heard of before then. The motivation I felt before skyrocketed. I wanted to do well for this job because I felt that they are treating me well. I have been working at this job for almost three years now and I still feel the same way about it. Not just because of the stuff stated above either but because of the co-workers and managers too.

This brings me to the question of describing a supervisor that I had worked with and whether or not they were good at what they did. In this case, the supervisor at my current job has always been very motivational not just to me or their own section that they supervises but to all of the employees in the company. They always try to make their workers feel like if they have any sort of problem or work related issues that we can talk to them about it. They would also ensure that everyone is doing well physically (if worker looks unwell or if worker might be doing something that could cause injury) and mentally (asks if worker is ok/needs a moment if stressed). They make me, probably they rest of the company too, feel like they understand that we are all human and have our own personal quirks and we have things to deal with outside of work. However, said Supervisor also makes sure that everyone knows what the job is, to ask if we have any questions about what to do on said job and that the job gets done. The only way I can describe it is that they understand and try to accommodate but they also know work needs to be done. They somehow balance the two. This supervisor always finds someway to get the two to balance which I am slowly understanding is hard to do sometimes. Compared to other supervisors I have worked for, they are  the kind of supervisor or manager I want to try and be someday.

Thank you very much for reading.

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Great post! Sounds like your supervisor does an awesome job balancing the needs of his employees and the needs of customers which can be a very hard thing to do. I also think it is a great thing for employers to offer PTO and benefits, those two things can make a big difference in the attitude of employees day in and day out and I think it really allows employers to show they truly care about the well-being of the employees! Thank you for sharing your experience!