M9 (Muzzillo)

After reviewing the Hawthorne Studies video, for this week’s Class Discussion, what, if any, has been your experience with the Hawthorne effect on a job?   Answer this question and then choose one of the following to answer:



My experience with the Hawthorne effect comes from my current job working for my town’s local golf course. I am a grounds crew worker that deals with mowing the course, planting flowers, creating or racking bunkers, and going around with the cart service including snacks and drinks for golfers playing the course. My supervisor and I have a very healthy relationship as every day before I punch in, he tells me what needs to be completed around the course and asks me how things went the day prior and if I needed anything throughout the day that we either do not have or if there was something that was an inconvenience for me to work with. He allows me to speak my mind within reason and listens to me if I believe that I have found a more effective way to do a certain task and we talk about it. Lastly, if he has finished up all of his duties for the day and sees that I am working on a project, most of the time he will come out and help allowing for me to finish the job quicker and move on to the next or, if it is close to quitting time, he lets me go home for the day. With this being said, I enjoy going to work every day even if I am doing something that I do not necessarily enjoy because of the fact that I am respected, listened to and therefore feel important and cared for ultimately sky rocketing my daily production rate.


1) Describe a supervisor who inspired and motivated you — what were their characteristics or actions that made such a positive impact?


The supervisor that I think about when talking about who inspires and motivates me is my current one at the golf course I work for. As I had stated in the previous answer, his characteristics were quite contagious and enjoyable for me to come to my job every day and work with. The reason why he continues to make a positive impact on me is due to his attitude towards me. He always seems to have a short talk with me on things that are going on in my life that I am passionate about. For example, asking how school and sports are going and what my plans are in the future. I am rewarded for my hard work with time off as well as special deals around the course. He listens to my concerns and takes them into consideration for the future and most importantly installs a motivating drive in me by acknowledging the things that I did well and teaching me how to get better at the things that I struggle with. This goes for both on the clock work as well as any questions I have for him outside of the golf course as well.

I had found an article that talks about how skewed the Hawthorne effect can be because it is human nature to act different if they know they are part of an experiment of any kind, but it talks about how vital it is in the management field to be able to communicate and listen to your employees concerns or likes about the job in order to in return, maintain max production for the entire shift each and every day. Practicing this within your field will allow for management to have a better understanding on how to motivate each and every employee. This leads to may positive outcomes such as better attendance, better production, and better communication.



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