What, if any, has been your experience with the Hawthorne effect on a job?

I would say that the current job I have is the most likely to have given me experience with the Hawthorne effect. After I had been there for a few months he called me into his office and asked what things I would like to change to make the work environment better. I named a few things I thought would make my day easier; I got a new chair, keyboard, standing mat, and cart to load my pulled orders on. Him calling me in and asking me what I wanted made me feel like my opinion counted and mattered to my manager. These type of conversations we a common place with us, what material did I think the store would benefit from bringing in and stocking, would things work better in a new location, etc..

Describe a supervisor who inspired and motivated you — what were their characteristics or actions that made such a positive impact?

I would say that my last supervisor was the most inspirational and motivated me the most. This is the same one that I experienced the Hawthorne effect with. The actions and characteristics that he has is he cares a lot for his employees and the welfare of the branch. He takes the time out of his busy day to sit down and talk with you through problems and issues that you had. He also mentored me when I decided I wanted to take the next step and be a manager myself. He would stay late to walk me through procedures on invoicing and closing up. Gave me cheat sheets and notes to walk me through procedures I would need to know. I felt that he was rooting for me to succeed and wanted me to have all the tools to do it.

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I had a supervisor with many of the same qualities that you listed, and considered her at the top of my list of motivating and inspiring supervisors. While I phrased mine differently, she definitely rooted for me and had an unshakable faith that I would succeed. Knowing she had confidence in me went a long way towards building my own confidence.
I admire your supervisor’s approach in involving you in workplace decisions and allowing you to feel you have a say. That undoubtedly boosted your morale and contributed to a happier and more engaged employee.