M8 Who’s rights are more right.

In response  to the questions I will Start in order and at the end of addressing  each question, iI will conclude with a summary of my arguments.

Question 2

I do believe that based on  my interpretation  of rights of citizens in the united states, that a company does have the legal  and moral right to prohibit guns from being stored in cars on company property. A person does not have a legal right to park their car in the company parking lot unless the company permission  a person or employe to do so. If a company does allow guns in cars on company property, then if employees  got into an argument and proceeded to have a shootout in the parking lot and an employee was injured on company  property then the company could possibly be held liable for not being able to protect the injured employee.

Question 3

I do agree with the NRA’s statement that prohibition of a gun on company property would be a wrecking  ball to the second amendment. I do believe that a person has a right to be able to defend them selfs, in all capacities  nessicary to ensure their safety, even in the workplace. There is no easy answer to this problem of respecting the wishes of those that do not want to have guns on their property but also allowing for personal protection from threats that may arise on private property. I have no idea how to fix this legal  conundrum.

Question 4

Guns in the workplace does not mean at all that the workplace is not safe at all. If all employees  respect local and federal laws and act in a respectful and courteous  manner I cannot see a reason why guns would be a problem in the work environment. But I know that all employees will not act lawfully and will no act in a morally and socially  responsible manner. There are definitely  places that having guns at work for protection makes sense. I would use gas stations as an example, time and time again gas station convenience  stores are robbed at gunpoint in this country and I feel that the employees  have a right to be able to defend them selfs personally  from this threat on there lives.


There is no magic solution that will satisfy the rights b of a property owner to regulate what is or isn’t  on their property and to also allow for the permission  of employees  to arm themselves  in the workplace. I ultimately reason that the rights of an  individual to ensure there own safety take precedence  over the rights of the property owner.