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Noam Chomsky – Why Marijuana is Illegal and Tobacco is Legal

This topic is very interesting because it is so relevant in the United States right now. More and more states are starting to pass laws that allow legal use of Marijuana at the age of 21. I think the reason for that is because people are starting to learn more and more about weed and because there haven’t been any deaths from the drug and some people actually use it to benefit their health in some cases. I think because weed had such a bad rep it was made illegal. Tobacco is an easy way to make money and easy to tax and people will always continue to buy it. I think that is the next stage for weed in the rest of the country. If it is made legal more and more people will start to use it and it will be taxed. I think that it is a very big opportunity for the government to make money and help out the economy. It has potential to be a huge money maker for people. I think the only reason that tobacco was legal and weed was not is because we didn’t really know how big of a business the industry could be.