Noam Chomsky — Why Marijuana is Illegal and Tobacco is Legal  

This is a very relevant topic present time because of the fact that there are huge debates on whether or not marijuana should be legal or not. In Canada where I am from, the Prime Minister made Marijuana legal in the entire country and the United States is starting to do the same, more and more states are making the drug legal. I believe the drug should be legal for everyone to purchase. It creates so many jobs for people, where they can work at stores that sell the drug or they can work at the shops and grow the plant. It also creates revenue for the country because of taxes, instead of buying the drug illegally from a dealer the country can generate lots of money by making people pay taxes for the drug. Another reason I believe it should be legal is because it is proven to be less deadly then alcohol and tobacco, Noam Chomsky brings this up in his argument. Noam also brings up an interesting point in saying that since Marijuana  can be grown by anybody the government decides to make it illegal because they can’t make a profit from it compared to tobacco where it has to be made and the government can then sell it therefore making profits.