Fausnaugh M8

  1. I feel like this is a little bit of a gray area to discuss because private property rights do exist for company areas, but I do believe a person should be allowed to keep a gun in their vehicle. If I were to keep a gun in my vehicle it would not be loaded, the magazine would be kept in a separate area of the vehicle, and other safety precautions. As someone who is thinking about opening a business, I would allow for the employees to keep a weapon in their vehicle if a carry permit existed with this employee. Sure, I would have reason to be worried about potential risks but that can happen with any weapon, even if it is not a weapon.
  2. This is another gray area in my opinion because it is all based on values, morals, and perceptions. I believe both the NRA and the Media politized the issue as they are constantly fighting about who is “right’. I do not believe that banning weapons defeats the purpose of guns for self-defense because several objects can be used for self-defense. If a person chooses to use a gun, then that is okay with me, but it may not be okay with the company that they work for. Personally, I believe that the matter is between the company and the employees. I understand that there are federal laws and regulations that come with certain cases, but that means that it should be discussed when that point is to be talked about with state.
  3. I believe that carrying a gun into a school/workplace does not violate the right of the employee to have a safe working environment because once again this is all perception. It is hard to explain why I feel safer with a gun in the area, but I have always believed it to be because I was raised on how to properly handle a gun and how to disarm one. I am also the type of person to protect others over myself. Safety is the biggest reason a person might conceal carry, or even just carry a gun openly. I believe arming certain teachers/professors/employees with guns can be beneficial in some cases. I would not want to arm a teacher who works in an environment where it is common to be getting in difficult close contact situation: Special Education Classrooms.

I still believe that all these are based on perception, but I do not find guns to be the biggest issue when we bring them to the workplace or even into schools. The biggest issue isn’t the gun that was used, but the reason it was used. A lot of the reports on shooters return to state that they were mentally unwell or that they were being bullied. Other factors do come into place and yes, sometimes people just do it to do it. There is always a bad apple, but that does not mean the whole issue needs to be labeled a gun issue or a mental/bullying issue.