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I searched for an article that had both the positive and the negative views to climate change. Not to my surprise I was able to find countless negative views to climate change. I believe it is safe to say that the negatives outweigh the positives. I was able to find an article that argued if humans were at fault for causing climate change. As well as a chart that was on the Future Farmers of America website that states warmer climate creates longer harvesting/growing.


I believe that nature does hold value in itself. We might not realize it; but we take for granted that which we have and seems to be endless. Just like futuristic films that play with the notion that we will one day fight for basic survival needs; as the quantity of nature becomes scarce, its value increases.


This is a difficult question to answer due to the fact that many companies operate in different manners. I believe very few do not operate immorally, but a majority of the companies start to see animals as objects that produce money rather than a living creature. This causes companies to not care if how they are operating causes animals any sort of unreasonable pain.


I believe that those who are responsible for causing the pollution should be the ones to pay the cost for protecting the environment. As stated in the book “Thus, the enemy in the war against environmental abuse turns out, in a sense, to be all of us.’ I agree that it is each and every one of our responsibility to pay for our part of protecting the environment. The only altercation I have here is that the following question “in what way/amount should we be protecting/paying?’ goes unanswered. When it comes to asking “who are those who stand to benefit from the protection and restoration of the environment?’ I believe the answer to that is also all of us.





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I picked a recent topic called Operation Varsity Blues. William Rick Singer, the founder of   Edge College & Career Network also known as “The Key,” was accused of accepting over 25 million dollars in bribery to accept students into elite colleges such as Yale University, Georgetown University, and Stanford University by falsely claiming a student as a competitive athlete and illegally boosting a student’s SAT scores. I choose this topic because it greatly impacts the education system in the U.S. if anyone can just pay for; rather than earn the acceptance into those elite schools, it lowers the value of earning it since there have been at least 50 cases that have been opened.






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One sunny weekend, I had decided to go to Point Defiance; a large park located in the state of Washington. I met up with a few friends of mine and as we were walking along I had spotted an item that was on the ground. We walked up towards it and realized it was a wallet. In the wallet, we found a Washington state identification card along with some cash and credit cards. I did a quick Facebook search of the name written on the ID and it populated with what seemed to be a matching description and a picture of the person on the ID. I messaged the individual and waited about an hour; but unfortunately I did not receive a response. Puzzled by what to do next, we took a second look at the address on the ID; which was approximately 45 minutes in the opposite direction that I lived in, but still decided to drive to that destination to return the wallet. This event was an act of Kant’s theory stated by Shaw (pg 58).

Kant’s categorical imperative says that we should always act in such a way that we can will the maxim of our action to be a universal law.’


If I had lost my wallet, I would appreciate it if it was returned to me “Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated’ ; also known as a Golden Rule. This idea also fits into the two alternate reformulations of Kant’s theory that Shaw (pg 60), stated in the textbook.

“First reformulation: An action is right if and only if its underlying principle is universally acceptable, that is, acceptable to all rational parties whether the action is done by them or to them

Second Reformulation: One must always act so as to treat other people as ends in themselves.”



SOURCES: Shaw, William H. Business Ethics. 9th ed, Cengage Learning, 2017

M1 Eddie Campos

Each individual contains a different set of morals that began to take shape from their early individual upbringing that includes but is not limited to the individual’s race, religion, gender, sex, political stance, education, income, relationship status, etc. as these statuses change; so do their morals. When a group of individuals with similar morals are brought together to form a community; they make up our ethical viewpoint. The development of our ethics as a community is at a constant change
as the community’s morals also change. Given the following example: guns- primarily used for safety, was once a necessity when discovering the new world and the unknown dangers that lie amidst the exploration of what is now North America; it was not uncommon for the majority of individuals to share the same moral that guns were practically a necessity, therefore making it ethical for everyone to own a gun. Until recent events, the community has had a drastic sway of morals about owning guns, thus creating a change in the ethics of the community. I for one do not believe there is a “primary source” for the development of an individual’s ethical position — because there are countless sources to consider.