Fischer Knapp – M12

Noam Chomsky has some interesting things to say about the illegality of marijuana. This was obviously presented before some states (including Alaska) made selling, producing and consuming marijuana legal.   Address the argument for or against illegal marijuana and if Noam Chomsky’s points have credence.

I very much agree with the points that Chomsky made. The war on drugs is one of many examples where the US government has put the possibility of profit above doing what is most logical. Another good point about the legality of tobacco vs. marijuana is the length of time that each drug has been part of our culture. A big reason that tobacco is legal is because of how long we have been using it, where as marijuana became popular in the US much more recently. It’s already being shown that legal marijuana is a very profitable industry, and as with any drug, being aware of its effects and educating the public will help it fit into society much better. Hopefully we can continue to make progress with logical regulations for drugs.