Hawthorne effect

When I was in my early twenties, I went to work for a nonprofit organization in which I worked for over twenty years before leaving.  During this time, I was given the opportunity to work for several different individuals, whom all at one time at another praised me for my work ethics.  I was given task after task in which they were all completed in a timely manner, after a couple years my work productivity had influenced management to take a chance on me.  One day my supervisor at the time approached me and asked if I wanted to continue my education.  Because management was really impressed with my work I was encouraged to continue my education.  I immediately enrolled in a program where I received an Associate Degree in Community Health.

Poor supervisor

2.  Supervisor from hell is what I called the last individual I worked for.  As I stated in my previous discussion, I worked for a non profit organization for over twenty years.  The last two years were pure hell, this individual transferred into the department without any working knowledge of the program that was being offered to disadvantaged families.  The program was called TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families).  This individual had a negative attitude towards the children, and the elders but the single mother, she was flat out cynical.  This individual was so power hungry, that she requested that all staff email her, for the fifteen minute breaks, bathroom privileges and one-hour lunch breaks.  The harassment became such a challenge that the seven people that originally worked in the department serving eleven villages was reduced down to four after one year.

M8 Jones

8.4 case study questions 2,3,4

2.  It is my belief that any individual who carries a concealed weapon permit should be allowed to leave his/her weapon locked inside their automobile while at work.  It’s the individuals constitutional right to carry a firearm, if the State in which he resides has the declaration of law on it’s books.  States such as Texas have an open carry hand gun law on it’s books, for example the gun could be carried on the hip or in a shoulder holster.  The individual is required to carry a license permit that states they must be at least 21 years of age, have a clean criminal record, passed psychological exam, complete classroom training and pass a shooting test to be able to carry their gun.  Therefore, keeping a concealed handgun locked inside of an automobile while the individual is at work should not pose a threat of any kind.

3.  In the situation pertaining to the NRA and companies banning guns from their parking lots would take a wrecking ball to the Second Amendment.  I’ll have to stand neutral on this episode, because according to the text (page 322) the Second Amendment does not give gun owners a constitutionally protected right to carry their weapons onto someone else’s private property against the wishes of the owner.  Although many of the states in the union have laws on their books stating it’s legal for an employer to let an employee bring weapons to work locked in their parked automobiles.  Then there are gun control advocates stating that permitting firearms at the work place gives disgruntled employees easy access to a deadly weapon.  There’s always going to be a difference of opinion when there are different organizations out there fighting that locked weapons could also be protection against robbers, burglars or carjackers.  However, when it comes right down to it, just follow the rules of being a law-abiding citizen.  Both sides have good arguments and will continue to pose challenges to the gun control laws.

4.   Schools that allow teachers/employees to bring their guns inside the work place, should there be certain circumstances?  Yes.  For example such as when there at individuals walking into churches, schools, movie theatres and outside concerts taking lives for no other reason than the thrill or the rush.  For instance, the Deerfield High School shootings just a few weeks ago or the Parkland Florida High School, Benton, Kentucky School, Ohio School, Birmingham, Alabama and Pennsylvania School shootings just this year alone.  If the school security guards were allowed to carry guns maybe fewer children and adults would not have lost their lives on those dreadful days.  We are only three months into this year 2018 and there has been reports of at least eight school shootings already in which children/adults were injured or killed.  Therefore, I say each individual who carries a weapon should be required to pass a psychological exam, have an annual gun training class yearly and able to protect our children while being educated.

M7 – Jones

It has always been my belief that the big corporations are the cause of our environmental pollution.  Business that dispose of hazardous substances such as the Exxon oil spill several years ago in the Gulf, off the coast of Louisiana, and the Exxon Valdez oil spill in the nineties. Then the pharmaceutical companies dumping illegal toxic waste, and the release of lead, copper, chromium, zinc and arsenic in the waterways from many of the factories that produce these products.

Even the industrial companies that are still managing to dump toxic substances are getting away with only a slap on the hand, are guilty of destroying our environment as well.

However, after reading chapter seven, I still believe that big businesses is ninety-eight percent responsible for the pollution that in being poured into our environment today, and we as consumers could be causing the other two percent of the pollution.

M5 – Jones

  1. The most alarming part of the film the corporation, for me was learning that many of the chemical producing corporations such as DuPont and other were making chemicals that are destroying families.  They are producing synthetic chemicals with cancer causing agents, that are breaking down the human system at an alarming rate, Professor Samuel Epsteine from the University of Illinois stated this has become a major epidemic, one out of every two men and one out of every three women will be diagnosed with some form of cancer as a result of these Corporation’s miss handling data.

A.   In my opinion, I believe Corporations are a legal person, because once the courts gave them legal rights with the 14th amendment laws, the owners of these Corporations became callous and reckless with disregard for human lives.  These individuals started to become greedy seeing billions of dollars to be gained through this immunities clause.  However, this has not stopped society from exposing many of these Corporation with lawsuits such as reckless disregard for safety, deceitfulness, repeated lying and conning others for profit and incapacity to guilt.  In my opinion only a human will treat another individual with this type of disrespect when money is involves.


M4 – Jones

I don’t think the author was trying to give credibility to the sweatshops.  I think he was only stating the fact as he was told.  In which we know that there’s three sides to this story- the story teller, the workers and the conglomerates who are making all these millions of dollars, but claiming that these acts of brutality is just one act.  When in actuality these are being exploited and working for slave wages.  The people working in the sweat shops in Bangladesh, China, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Indonesia and Vietnam are being treated like the Africans that were brought over on the slave ships, make to work in conditions that should have been outlawed years ago.

In the article written by Benjamin Powell “In Defense of Sweatshops”, the paragraph that speaks of Kathy Lee paying her workers in Honduras only thirty-one cents (.31) an hour was a joke.  In my opinion the exploding of tears for the camera was just a publicity stunt for National Television.  That woman has been making millions of dollars for years off of sweatshops and will continue too.  Money follows money and again the people running these large conglomerates know who’s working in their businesses.

I remember reading an article a couple years back about Nike shoes and the Air Jordan shoe brand that they sell, it said that Jordan tennis shoes were made in China for less than three dollars a pair ($3.00), but sold in the United States for five hundred dollars a pair ($500.00), when sold on the open market.  Now this is my belief that Nike knows what’s happening because they are making billions of dollars off that brand every year that it’s on the market.

This article, “Inside Cambodia’s Abusive Sweatshops”, it talks about the conditions of the sweat shops and the criminally abusive people who runs these sweat shops in Cambodia. These workers are sewing International name brand clothes for fifty cents per hour but are being treated like slaves. There was a strike and several were killed for asking for better pay and just use the bathroom when needed.  Cambodian factories say that they can legally hire at fifteen years of age, but many of the Children drop out of school at an earlier age just to work in the factories.


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Winn, P. (2015, April 11). Inside Cambodia’s abusive sweatshops. Retrieved February 13, 2018, from http://theweek.com/articles/546995/inside-cambodias-abusive-sweatshops




M2 – Gladys Jones

I chose utilitarianism , because it describes positive behavior. I worked for a medical facility here in Ambler for more than thirteen years and during that time I was trained to work as a Community Health Aide Practitioner (CHAP) in which I was covered by a doctor to do my job. During this time I was able to help deliver a baby boy during the first month into my job. Since there wasn’t a doctor living here in the village, I became part of the first responders team to all medical emergencies. We were trained to insert IV’s, apply temporary casting, administer oxygen and CPR just to name a few. We took care of the patients until a team of paramedics flew in and took over the patients to be medivac out to the nearest hospital. The families of the village respected my ability to help others when in a time of need.

M1 – Gladys Jones

How do we develop our ethics? What are the primary sources for us to develop our ethical position?

I would have to say I learned a great deal about ethics as a small child while growing up in Ambler, the village in which I currently live in. My parents and grandparents raised me with the concept to always be honest, loyal, responsible and be respectful. I learned early on as a child to not tell lies or untruths because of the severe punishment that I would receive. In our village family was taught to take care of one another and this has been instilled in us all of our lives since birth. As children we’re taught that it’s our responsibility to take care of our elders, to make sure that they have enough food, heating oil and wood during the long cold winter months. And as for respect, it goes hand in hand when dealing with our elders. Since becoming an adult I’ve kept these same ethics; honesty, loyalty, responsibility, and respect towards everyone that I come in contact with. Respect and self respect has made me the independent woman that I am today.