After watching Noah Chomsky’s video titled “Why Marijuana is Illegal and Tobacco is Legal’, I don’t know if I would agree with his reasoning about why marijuana is illegal. He mentions marijuana is like solar energy and can be grown pretty much anywhere but tobacco is industrialized and money can be made from tobacco. If marijuana is so easy to grow like Noam mentions and we are basing it off of money making viewpoints then why wouldn’t marijuana be legal. It takes so little to grow which gives the opportunity to make numerous dollars when little could be spent to grow it. Also, if tobacco is so bad for you then why are smokes and chewing tobacco and other products still being sold and something less lethal such as marijuana not legalized. One argument could be that marijuana is addicting but at the same time so is tobacco, as Noam says, is far more lethal. Thinking about the profit that the government could be making on a product that isn’t as lethal as tobacco could be why we will see it become legalized more. For example, just near the end of 2018 marijuana became legal in all of Canada.