Atwell- M12

The Drowning Child


I believe the difference between the drowning child and children dying from poverty is that the child who’s drowning can be saved in an instant. The trouble is easily noticed and quickly fixed. When it comes to poverty, because of how America has become, we don’t know if the money we donate to such causes like poverty are actually going to those causes or if the organization is keeping 90% of it for their CEO, which is definitely the case in many many situation. On top of this, I wouldn’t say that poverty is always easily noticed. You can’t just say “oh that kid has old torn up shoes and clothes” because kids grow out of their shoes and clothes quickly. If you aren’t actively going to school with your child, you won’t see that they aren’t eating lunch. And even if you do know that they are living in poverty, many times the parents will prevent anyone from helping their children, be it because of pride or shame.

Yes, I believe we should help our fellow citizens when they need help, but the situation can be much more complicated than having to throw your shoes in the dryer.