Mod 8 (Hales)

I understand why people are upset, it is a huge deal the amount of violence that this country sees. Both sides advocate strongly for their position because of these events. My opinion (and I say opinion because I have no statistics to back me- which is true for all of us discussing this issue) is that businesses should have a right to control what is within their walls just as they have a right to enforce uniforms and menus, and literally  every other aspect of what their employees can do inside their building. When we sign a contract to work for someone, we sign on to adhere to their rules- however strict they may seem. I believe though, that what happens inside an employees car, is the property of the employee regardless of whether they park on the companies property. The employer may require a right to know whether the employee has a gun in the car or not, just as a cop has the right to know when you get pulled over, for the safety of the people involved, but they should not be able to fire employees for carrying a gun in their  vehicle or ban them from doing so.