M8 – Guns

I believe employees do have the right to have guns in their cars because at the end of day how can you really stop it. If you pull security checks and 24hr security, now you have to pay out to another group of employees that work. If the amendment states we have the right to bare arms then that’s what it is. We just have to pray for safety and security at all times and not just at work. If they don’t have it their cars then there is a tempting need to have it in the workplace where the violence usually occurs with not protection available.

I think the right should be left up to the companies and employees to settle. Depending on your location and where you work, protection in the manner of self-defense is needed. I mean, schools are in need of better protection due to recent events of gun violence in the schools, so you know its needed in the corporate sector.

I view it from this standpoint that if teachers were allowed to have guns in the school how many kids lives would be saved right now. I believe it should be allowed from the perspective of having safety classes and legalize the right to carry the firearm in school. I know there may be concerns of more violence in the schools may occur due to staff confrontations or maybe a staff member losing it, but we will never know the statistics of it if we don’t try. I’d rather give it try versus to continue to lose lives of the young and innocent.