The video I decided to comment on was the one titled: Workplace Issues. After watching the short video with Dr. Bruce Weinstein there were a few things that he mentioned that really stood out to me as interesting as well as useful as I had never given these situations to much thought.

He goes on to talk about how everyone has these so called red flags in their past. He says it’s important to realize that these will come out up eventually in association with jobs, whether it is during the interview or any time after you’ve been hired. It really stuck with me when he said that he video tapes himself before every interview, speech or any other public speaking event. He reviews these videos to critique himself and to hear what he is saying and try to perceive it from the other parties points of view to see if he’s getting across the points he wants to.

What I would add on to that would be, going into any job interview, expect for them to ask about previous firings, any red flags that have come up in your past. Before going into the interview, video tape yourself answering these hard questions and then review them and keep practicing them so you feel comfortable with the answer you are going to give. This isn’t to say that you should lie, it is more to be prepared for the hard questions because if they are thrown on you without expecting it in the middle of an interview, you may say something you end up regretting solely based on the fact that you weren’t prepared.