M8 – Martinsson

I believe that there should be no problem having a gun in your car that is parked on the company’s parking lot. You never know what can happen on the way to the workplace or when you are walking into your house after parking your car at home. I don’t think that the employee’s opinion should contribute to your rights of having a gun in your own car. It would be way different if we are talking about bringing the gun into the workplace and carrying it during your work hours. For example, I don’t think that that a gun belongs in an office where you work with your ‘’team’’. The founder of the company could have a gun locked in, in case there is a shooting near the office. I think it would be a great right for a company to allow employees to have their guns in the car. I personally don’t have any experience from companies allowing you to have a gun in the parking lot. I have only worked in Sweden, and you are not allowed to carry a gun there no matter where you are.

I do think that state legislatures should be involved. I totally think that this should be something that the employee himself or herself should decide. Nobody should disallow them from bringing a gun  and to have a gun in their parked car. I agree with NRA that it would take a wrecking ball against the second amendment if companies ban guns from their parking lot. Why have a gun law that allows people to carry their gun if they can’t have the freedom of keeping a gun in their car during work. I believe that if the state itself allows people to carry a gun, they should be allowed in a parking lot as well.

I do not see the reason why a teacher shouldn’t be allowed to bring guns into the parking lot or to the school itself. There has to be some sort of monitoring if we are going to be able to decrease the amount of shootings. I believe that the extreme increase of school shootings lately already has contributed to students and other teachers feeling uncomfortable and unsafe. For example, Cnn.com states that there has been on average one school shooting per week in 2018. This life-threatening statistic has to stop, and I don’t think it matters if schools prohibit students to bring guns to school. As being said earlier, I think that if a person is committed enough to start a shooting, he or she will and it could be stopped by a teacher that is carrying a gun.