M8 Lammers

  1. I do think that we, as employees of any company, have a moral and a legal right to park where we please and to keep in our cars what we need to be safe. If I deem it necessary for me to need a gun in my car to be safe driving back and forth from work, then who are they to tell me otherwise? As far as property rights go, sure they could walk around and ask if anyone had guns in their cars but that wouldn’t be in their best interest to do so, which leads me into safety concerns of employers. As an employer, your job is to keep everyone safe. If your staff isn’t bright enough to know that they need to keep their guns out of sight and put away, then I would say they need to go anyway. If someone started shooting up your place of business, you would be happy to know that someone there can stop them within a few minutes. When it comes to your staff, they can park 10 feet outside your gate and be legal and just as close to their gun if they wanted to come in and shoot the place up. I do not at all think that companies should be concerned about this.
  2. I do believe that by telling people that they can’t have guns on company property, they are taking away the rights of their employees. In Alaska this isn’t a big issue but what about the guy that lives outside of Chicago and commutes two or three hours a day? Why should he not be able to have a gun to keep himself safe to from work? The NRA may be guilty of politicizing the issue but why not let your voice be heard? Every day someone thinks up new ways to slowly take away our second amendment rights. Each state should step in and say one way or the other if it is ok or not ok in these states. We have whole city’s doing it right now and those without guns are primarily gun free zones with the highest crime rate. Coming back to our own state, we have far less people but we also have far less crime. People will also think twice about pulling their gun if they know 61% of the people behind them are possibly carrying a weapon as well (cbsnews, 2018).
  3. I do not believe that we should open this up to schools in general, but with that said, I do not believe it is a bad idea at all. No teacher should be forced to carry a gun but if there are teachers that would like to carry and have the proper training (whatever that might be) that I feel that would be okay. They should have one 4-hour block of instruction per year for a refresher as well as to qualify in order to be able to carry and all of this should only be able to happen after the school administrator has okayed each teacher on a case by case basis.


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