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2. I think this is hard because although their car is their personal property, the parking lot is the companies and therefore really it should still be up to the company what is allowed. For example smoking weed on company property is probably generally not allowed, although those who do it are most likely doing it in their cars. I personally don’t think people should be carrying guns, and especially not in the workplace. After all the shootings taking place I think it is certainly a company’s right to want to try to protect their employees, and who is to say the employee with the gun won’t fly off the handle and start shooting people (although it is unlikely?

3. No I don’t agree. Honestly I don’t know a lot about the second amendment but as far as I know when it was created it was a different time and all this violence was not as prevelent, so who’s to say they would have enacted that if this were the case? I do think to some degree people have the right to bare arms (although I think this is part of the problem we are facing as a nation) but as far as doing this on company property that is a different story.

4. I can see how bringing guns in the work place could if in the hands of the right person protect the employees, but it most likely would not make the majority of employees feel safe or comfortable. I am not sure if there are circumstances where doing so would be acceptable or in the best interest of all involved unless as I said it was someone like me who would never shot a gun to hurt someone but only to protect myself and others but that is hard to gauge and therefore not the best approach.